[Inception/(500)DoS – Arthur/Eames] rustedstardust – Trouble Sleeping

Title: Trouble Sleeping
Author: rustedstardust
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Inception crossed over with 500 Days of Summer. Arthur and Tom Hansen are one and the same.

Trouble Sleeping

Oh gosh, this was ridculously awesome and well-timed! I just finished watching (500) Days of Summer the other day and the idea of Arthur and Tom being the same person is kind of awesome. I loved how these two worlds meshed together and it worked, I could believe it.

He wondered if he ought to warn Ariadne that her chosen field of study might well lead her down the path of greeting cards, dead-end jobs and broken hearts.

Arthur dismissed that thought. Sure, they were architects at heart, but Ariadne was a hell of a lot better than he’d ever been.

Oh Arthur / Tom. =( He kind of broke my heart in (500) Days with the whole architecture thing. But I still believe in him, even if he decided he would make a better Point Man in the end. (And, to interject my own meta, I have these think-y thoughts, about which role I would be, and I think I would be a Point Man too, despite the fact that I’m actually studying architecture.)

Anyway, Arthur actually being Tom from (500) Days is totally my new canon, okay? It totally works and is absolutely perfect. XP So please, more Inception/500 Days crossovers! I think I need a bazillion of them. XP

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[Inception/(500)DoS - Arthur/Eames] rustedstardust – Trouble Sleeping, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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