[Inception – Arthur/Ariadne] goddesspharo – Those You’ve Known

Title: Those You’ve Known
Author: goddesspharo
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Surely, the greater tragedy here will be that he’ll kill her more than once throughout their lives.

Those You’ve Known

I really like this!

When you die in a dream, you wake up. When you die in real life, you die. A shot to the head, inelegant as far as exit strategies go, will always feel too much like the latter. Ariadne’s preference will be for free fall, all of her designs having heights built in to ensure the promise of a heady rush of the dream folding in on itself when they drop into nothingness.

Of course Ariadne would prefer free falling. XP And OMG, I lol’d at Eames’ with Hello Kitty luggage. XD These little moments were all just lovely. =)

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