[Inception – Arthur/Eames] pyrimidine – Sort of Revolution

Title: Sort of Revolution
Author: pyrimidine
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: Eames comes to realize that Arthur is really not a morning person at all after he starts staying over at Eames’ flat. Not only is he super groggy until his morning coffee, but he’s clumsy too. Running into the bathroom door, dropping glasses from the cupboard, tripping over Eames’ clothes on the floor and then staring up at Eames in pouty confusion. Eames starts keeping his room tidy, buys a doorstop, moves the mugs to a lower cupboard, etc. so Arthur doesn’t hurt himself. Basically Arthur-proofing his flat.

Sort of Revolution

OMG this is, like, the most precious thing EVER. I just love everything about it! It’s so fluffy and adorable and I could probably re-read this a bazillion times! ♥_♥

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Rating: 9.8/10 (4 votes cast)
[Inception - Arthur/Eames] pyrimidine – Sort of Revolution, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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