[Inception – Arthur/Eames] weatherfront – The Mating Dance of Bright-Eyed Thieves

Title: The Mating Dance of Bright-Eyed Thieves
Author: weatherfront
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: Eames draws a rise from Arthur, and Arthur draws blood from Eames. Ariadne wonders what it’s all about, because she’s the only one that knows how to wonder.

The Mating Dance of Bright-Eyed Thieves

Oh god, Ariadne’s voice in this — I LOVE IT! She’s just so wonderful and I love how she sees Arthur and Eames and doesn’t really understand until the end.

That no one can shift in and out of shapes for a living without knowing how to be constant. That no one can play the shepherd without caring, somewhere inside layers of fabric and a jaw set like stone. That any two pieces of a puzzle with too many tabs and blanks may look like they’ll push each other away–

But that all those contours are why, when they fit, they fit so well together.

Oh gosh, the whole last section was beautiful. ♥

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