[Inception – Arthur/Eames] tequilideas – Les Jeux Sont Faits

Title: Les Jeux Sont Faits
Author: tequilideas
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: There are only a handful of stupid things Arthur has done in his life and one of those things is Eames.

Les Jeux Sont Faits

Oh gosh, I love this so much! Ther was Arthur’s book obsession and Arthur pining and I am so enamored by this fic!

“This is a disgusting number of books,” Eames said. “Please tell me you don’t have them memorized, I don’t think I could stand it.”

Arthur shrugged. He had bits and pieces by heart – he couldn’t have brought them here if he didn’t – but for most of them, they were just filled with what he remembered feeling about reading them when he was awake. The moments that stood out, the smell of the pages, the impressions that had passed through his mind… There’s a copy of Goodnight Moon that smells just like his mother’s shampoo. All of his Camus smells like his first summer in Paris, sounds like half-heard French conversations, and tastes like cappuccinos and pastries. There’s a copy of The Old Man and the Sea from a high school English class that just says “What is this bullshit? No, really, what is this?” on every page; Arthur had never particularly liked Hemingway.

THIS! SO MUCH! I love how Arthur describes it, how it’s smells and emotions and just all the little things he remembers about reading something because that’s exactly it! Even when I can’t remember the entire plot of something, I still remember how I felt about it and stuff like that.

And then there were parts like this:

It’s a stupid thing, he thinks, to want to give yourself to someone. It’s a bit like keeping books; it’s impractical and dangerous and unnecessary. It’s complicated. He can’t help it, he keeps telling himself, he can’t help it.

And this:

When Arthur touches his totem after they fuck Eames always laughs, says something like “that good, darling?” or “you’re welcome” but that’s not what it is. Arthur has to remind himself to be careful, to be serious, to think of consequences. Because he’s not going to wake up with all his pieces intact and his own; Eames is always going to walk out the next morning with another bit of Arthur that he’ll never see again.

I am such a sucker for pining and angst! I CAN’T HELP IT! MY HEART! Seriously, there were so many things that I just want to quote, that I love about this and the characterizations, they were absolutely perfect. And the ending! Ugh, love this fic.

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[Inception - Arthur/Eames] tequilideas - Les Jeux Sont Faits, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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