[Inception – Eames/Arthur] imogenedisease – I’ll Take You in Pieces

Title: I’ll Take You in Pieces
Author: imogenedisease
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Been wanting to do this for years,” Eames mumbles against Arthur’s spit slick mouth when he manages to pull back to take a breath, sliding Arthur’s jacket off his shoulders. Arthur makes an annoyed sound when it hits the ground, but he doesn’t pull back to pick it off the floor.

“No offense,” Arthur says, muffled into his mouth. “But no shit.”

LJ | AO3

This was awesome and hot, but the ending stole the show for me. XD

Arthur hums. “I suppose I could stay,” he says, but there’s something guarded in his tone, like he’s dressed again, even sprawled out naked beside him.

Eames shifts closer, rubs his fingers against the palm of Arthur’s hand before loosely twisting them in Arthur’s fingers. He squeezes. “Stay,” he says, quiet.

“Yeah,” Arthur says. “Yeah, okay.”

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