[Inception – Eames/Mal] fermine – If a Body Catch a Body

Title: If a Body Catch a Body
Author: fermine
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: Mal was the one that found Eames, not Cobb. Maybe she knew him before she met Cobb, and they had an affair, or not, so they still have UST. Maybe they’re fucking while Cobb is pursuing her or before they get married.

If a Body Catch a Body

So I wasn’t really sure how this was gonna go because Eames/Mal just seems to make no sense! But OMG, this, this! I love the background, how they met and how they fell into each other. It was just so sweet and oh, they broke my heart! I loved Mal’s characterization and young!Eames, feeling like he wasn’t good enough. And then he went to join the army and he came back later and MY HEART, SERIOUSLY! So heartbreaking, but good.

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