[Inception – Gen] concinnity_blue – Family is Semantics

Title: Family is Semantics
Author: concinnity_blue
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Arthur regularly checks up on (and/or spends time with) Cobb’s kids since neither Mal nor Cobb can anymore. So he checks up on them, helps them with homework, maybe calls them and asks them what they’ve done every day, comforts them when they cry. He’s their Arthur. Their support. They love him to pieces. Cue Cobb coming back and interacting with his children for the first time in awhile. Is there some jealousy between him and Arthur for Arthur’s role, or does he wind up calling Arthur in the middle of the night for help (with Arthur being a totally badass Mama!Daddy and knowing exactly what to do).

Family is Semantics

Oh, this is perfect, domestic and slightly angst-y.

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