[Inception – Saito/Cobb] jibrailis – Endymion

Title: Endymion
Author: jibrailis
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Saito creates Cobb in limbo. Then they make mazes.

LJ | AO3

So I totally thought I rec’d this before, but I found this open in a tab next to a few other Saito/Cobb tabs (which I just rec’d earlier), so I made myself check if I had and I hadn’t! So weird, lol, because I remember reading it and thinking it was awesome, then refreshing the page after I was done and wondering why no one had commented on it yet! (You know, because I’m such a lurker that it didn’t occur to me to actually comment on it, LOLOL! *sweatdrop*) But yeah, I’m pretty sure this was the first fic I read by jibrailis. ♥ I love all the little details and how we get a glimpse of Saito’s past and his motivations. I know when I first read this, I was a little worried about Cobb not being real because it would have been heartbreaking, and when I got to the end, I was so happy that it was hopeful. ♥

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