[Inception – Cobb/Arthur] leonidaslion – Darlin’, I’m Losin’ And It’s A Mean Game

Title: Darlin’, I’m Losin’ And It’s A Mean Game
Author: leonidaslion
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Sometimes, the truth will find you whether you want it to or not. Usually when the sedation is too heavy for the kick to wake you up.

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So, I have mixed feelings about this fic, but I’m gonna rec it anyway. First off, I’m not really a big Cobb/Arthur shipper, so there’s that, and second, I’m not really big on non-con either. I guess the problem I really have with the story (besides my dislike of non-con) is just the idea of Dom being so in love with Arthur (even when he was with Mal) that he decides to cheat on her, even if it’s with a projection. (Yeah, I’m not really big on cheating either…) Also, I didn’t feel like the ending was enough resolution for me, like, I’m still kind of uncomfortable with some of the things that happened in the story. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But the characterizations (for the most part) were good and it was a compelling fic and a lot of people seem to like it in the comments, so maybe it’s just my personal taste that’s holding me back…

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[Inception - Cobb/Arthur] leonidaslion - Darlin', I'm Losin' And It's A Mean Game, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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