[Inception – Eames/Arthur] ifeelbetter – Come On (Break Another Piece of My Heart)

Title: Come On (Break Another Piece of My Heart)
Author: ifeelbetter
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Five times Eames offered and one time Arthur said yes.

Come On (Break Another Piece of My Heart

Oh gosh, this was kinda of angst-y and hurt-y with just a touch of hopefulness at the end — I love it. XP

Best part:

“It’s the plan, right?” Arthur said, unable to leave the silence hanging between them. “I keep waiting for a good finale. Something I could walk away with.”

“We don’t get arcs, darling. You just fold your cards at some point and leave the table.”

Arthur made a sound that could have been an agreement or not.

“I might,” Eames said, finally. Arthur looked at him then. “Walk away.”

“You’re still the best,” Arthur said, as if that was why Eames would walk away. As if he had stayed at the top for anything other than Arthur’s call, the order to report to some city and do the job in front of him.

He had always known Arthur would stop calling if someone was better than him.

Oh, heart clench!

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