[Inception – Eames/Arthur] aimlesstravels – Clean Laundry and Lavendar

Title: Clean Laundry and Lavender
Author: aimlesstravels
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: After losing their point man, Cobb’s team easily acquires another – a little too easily, perhaps – and there are some who are unwilling to let go of that which has been lost.

Clean Laundry and Lavender

So I kind of have mixed feelings about this one, but I’m gonna rec it anyway, lol. I kind of read this before when it was first posted and I wasn’t really feeling it, though there were moments. And now, after re-reading it, I’m still not totally in love with it, but I guess the moments I do like are worth it.

I shall now C&P the best part (IMO) of the fic:

“Daddy? Where’s Uncle Arthur?”

James’s stage-whispered lisp breaks through the preacher’s droning and at the innocent words from the mouth of a child, Ariadne buries her face in Saito’s suit and absolutely starts to sob. The preacher halts, looking slightly uncomfortable as Cobb takes to a knee and puts both his hands on his son’s shoulders; his face is pained and his voice tight as he speaks. “Jamie, we talked about this, remember? Uncle Arthur had to…go away. Like Mommy, remember?”

James’s little brow wrinkles. “But he’ll come back, right?” The hope in his voice is crushing. “You had to go away but then you came back.”

“No, Jamie. Uncle Arthur’s not coming back.”

“Not…ever?” The tiny voice is tremulous, disbelieving. Eames swallows thickly as Cobb closes his eyes, as if praying for strength.

“Not ever.”


The ending was okay, but I guess the way it happened was kind of a cop-out to me, which I think was one of the things that made me not rec it in the first place, but yeah. That scene right there and a few other snippets have won me over. XP

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[Inception - Eames/Arthur] aimlesstravels - Clean Laundry and Lavendar, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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