[Inception – Eames/Arthur] cobweb_diamond, Aja, jibrailis, weatherfront, cherrybina, ainsoph15, etc. – Catboy!Arthur

Title: Catboy!Arthur
Author: cobweb_diamond, Aja, jibrailis, weatherfront, cherrybina, ainsoph15, etc.
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Ongoing
Summary: Catboy!Arthur

Jibrailis’ Round Up Post

OMG, I’m so proud of myself for finally catching up (for the most part) with this craziness! (Like, I have one more fic on the list to read, but dude, close enough to posting a rec for it, right? XP) Seriously, 46 points (so far) of awesomeness. *____* I totally saw the first part of cobweb_diamond’s fic on Wednesday, when it was first posted and did not expect it to explode as much as it did! I was just thinking, “Oh, I’ll get around to reading it this weekend after I concur the rest of this week!” since my week was just jammed packed with school-related crap and then the next thing I know, there were a bazillion catboy!Arthur fics and I didn’t have time to read them because I needed to do stupid things like homework and go to class and sleep after pulling all-nighters! (Seriously, this thing just had to explode in the middle of my busiest week, LOL!) But anyway, SO MUCH AWESOME HERE! I am just in awe of how fast this grew over the last few days while I was otherwise occupied by real life. (PLEASE CONTINUE FOREVER! ♥)

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