[Inception – Gen] DF – Butterfly Dreams

Title: Butterfly Dreams
Author: DF
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Arthur is the anchor, because someone needs to keep the others from drifting away, and it’s impossible to be the anchor when you’re perpetually worried the ground will suddenly shift under your feet.

Butterfly Dreams

I really like how circular the narrative is, how everything relates back to the story about the story of the man and the butterfly.

Arthur has never needed to be particularly interesting. Too many interesting people in a single space inevitably leads to varying forms of conflict; uninteresting people are necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Oh. It’s a little sad that Arthur thinks this way, but I tend to think that everyone is interesting in their own way, and even in this, Arthur is interesting, despite thinking otherwise. Poeple who think they are uninteresting are usually pretty interesting, haha. XP

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