[Inception – Gen] Anonymous – Untitled

Title: Untitled
Author: [Anonymous]
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: It seems to me that Arthur’s goes from having “no imagination”, to the pretty fucking creative elevator gambit. I just want someone (probably Eames?) to acknowledge that, maybe compliment him a little. Arthur’s reaction, your choice.


I really liked how each person’s reactions after the movie was described — it’s just lovely.

They’re not supposed to talk to each other or be seen with each other, at least not in the vicinity of Fischer. But they all stay close to watch with clenched jaws and little air and desperate eyes to see Dominic Cobb make his way into the United States for the first time in a handful of years. There’s a hiccup of panic and then like that he’s through, and it’s that easy.

Ariadne spins out first, ducking her head as she wheels her suitcase past Fischer. It’s L.A., she’s young, and she’s just done the most mind-blowing thing she ever would- she needs to escape, at least for an hour.

Saito is not far behind, a measured look at Cobb’s back as he is met by his father-in-law, hand tight on his briefcase. A small fortune spent for a larger fortune gained, and it’s only too simple to wait for Fischer to start dismantling (he’s waited this long).

Eames is next, and heads to the flight lounge for a cocktail with a little too much vigor. He just beat down an army of projections by his lonesome, and explosions are still ringing in his ears. There is a cold air around his fingers still.

Yusuf breathes in and out of his nose, his heart rate still acclimated. He has been in the field, albeit rarely, but nothing ever like this before. It doesn’t matter if it was just a dream: he was in a high speed chase, guns blazing, and drove a van off a bridge. He cant reach the car rentals quickly enough.

And then Arthur.

Love it.

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