[Misc – Old Spice Guy] Anonymous – Common Scents

Title: Common Scents
Author: [Anonymous]
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Old Spice Man didn’t know how he ended up in the U.S. Senate gym’s showers. It didn’t matter. Maybe today he was a senator. That seemed appropriate.

Common Scents

This is awesome. There needs to be more fics with the Old Spice Man! XP

Best part:

Perhaps Vice President Man was right. There was no need to assign gender stereotypes to soap, or perpetuate potentially harmful gender binaries with shower products. Old Spice Man smelled good because he was Old Spice Man, not because his soap made him more male than men who used other soaps. “A fair point,” he pronounced, “though my body wash is still superior.” It was superior because it was his, and it was his because it was superior.

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