[Night Vale – Carlos/Cecil] novembersmith – The Temporal Tornado

Title: The Temporal Tornado
Author: novembersmith
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: A temporal tornado reduced our most beloved scientist, Carlos, into a darling little toddler version of his already darling self, didn’t it? Yes it did, oh yes it did! Plus, a jellyfish migration is underway, a mysterious series of unexplained crevasses are appearing in the streets of Night Vale, and valuable advice is provided on the care and feeding of children.


OMG, THIS IS AMAZING! ♥♥ Seriously, totally the greatest Night Vale fic! It’s probably premature for me to say that, since this is, like, only the second Night Vale fic I’ve read (and the first doesn’t really even count since it was an Avengers crossover…), but that’s just how much I love this, LOL. I love that this was written like an actual episode. Cecil’s voice is absoultely spot on — like, I could totally hear Cecil’s voice in my head as I read. ♥ There’s also the fact that there’s de-aging, which is one of my favorites, and is totally something that would happen in Night Vale, lol. Basically this was amazing and the weather song was awesome and just, ALL THE FEELS! ♥♥♥

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[Night Vale - Carlos/Cecil] novembersmith - The Temporal Tornado, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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