[Night Vale – Carlos/Cecil] dee – Second Date

Title: Second Date
Author: dee
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Cecil might have had an awful day, but at least Carlos is there when he gets home. Carlos, standing in Cecil’s apartment, wearing Cecil’s boxers, cooking in Cecil’s kitchen, making rather… amorous advances. Not that Cecil’s complaining, exactly, but… isn’t this all a bit forward for a second date?
That’s what it means, to be the Voice of Night Vale. To say so much, and know so little.


UGHHHH, MY HEART!!! ;_______; Obviously I’ve been reading the more fluffy stuff and the tone of the show is so normal that it’s sometimes easy to forget that Night Vale is actually pretty creepy. I actually read the tumblr post this was based on (because I don’t really care about spoilers, lol), so Carlos was breakin’ my heart the whole time, even though we can’t really see it from Cecil’s POV until near the end. But seriously, feelings!!! I love Cecil’s list at the end too.

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