[Night Vale – Carlos/Cecil] thingswithwings – Second Date

Title: Second Date
Author: thingswithwings
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Listeners, we are very lucky tonight to have a guest in the studio. Carlos, our local scientist and utterly beautiful investigator of strange phenomena is here with us. Carlos, would you like to say hi to everyone at home?
Carlos is shaking his head no, perhaps because he is too shy to go on the radio – isn’t that adorable, listeners? Anyway, Carlos is here to keep me company before we head out on our second date, the location and activities of which Carlos has kept secret from me, though I know I will be delighted by whatever he chooses for us to do, provided that it is within the bounds of municipal regulations on second dates.


I gotta say, podfics and work (when work’s not too concentrating-intensive) is a pretty awesome combination! I should start listening to them more, LOLOL. But anyway, this was pretty awesome! I think the feel of this is totally Night Vale. As a person who is scared of bugs, the… things were pretty creepy, LOLOLOL. I loved that Cecil was just reporting about them, even when they started invading the recording booth, and just left Carlos to handle everyone — that’s so Cecil. XP And then there was Carlos in the background interjecting every once in a while and the microphone fumbling and everything, seriously, total A+. XP

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