[Night Vale – Carlos/Cecil] thingswithwings – The Observer Effect

Title: The Observer Effect
Author: thingswithwings
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Carlos suspects, deep down, that this is a crucial aspect of the town’s strangeness, the way that people and objects change while watching, while being watched; that he could know everything about Night Vale if he could just know this.


OMG, this is so great, LOLOLOL!

“I just – it was only our second date, after all, and I didn’t think – you were such a gentleman on our first, and that’s charming, don’t get me wrong, and I do want to have sex with you very much, Carlos, but I just – ”

“You didn’t get the permits,” Carlos hazards, and Cecil nods miserably. Of course there are sex permits in Night Vale. Of course. And here’s Carlos, with his shirt off and his dick hard, squirming underneath the sweetest strangest man he’s ever met and about to have an orgasm in company for the first time in eight years, caught without his sex permit.

Seriously, so amazing and slightly embarrassing, but so Night Vale. XP

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