[Night Vale – Carlos/Cecil] novembersmith – (Nothing) Could Be Better

Title: (Nothing) Could Be Better
Author: novembersmith
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Carlos had thought, with a not inconsiderable amount of pride, that he was no longer surprised by the strangeness that Night Vale had to throw at him. In fact, he was more often surprised by the rare normal events than the reverse. Which completely invalidated the words ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal,’ but anyway—


OMG, CARLOSSSSS! ♥♥ I love Carlos’ voice in this and how ridiculously charming everything is. Cecil is just so sweet and they’re so in love and also, there is the anticipation for tentacle!porn!! Seriously, ALL THE FEELINGS! ♥♥

(Sequel: All the Requisite Parts)

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