[Hockey RPF – OMC/OMC] imogenedisease – You Could Make a Life

Title: You Could Make a Life
Author: imogenedisease
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “I think you’re my new best friend,” Dan says, excitement beating out common sense, social filters, the need to play it cool.
“Hello Dan Riley,” Marc says, his mouth twitching. “It is nice to meet you, new best friend.”


OMG, this is the best. *________* I’m not even into hockey or read hockey RPF, but I figured since this is pretty much all original characters, I wouldn’t need to know much going in, so I gave it a try and yeah, SO HOOKED from the get-go! ♥ I just love how the friendship between Dan and Marc developed so easily and quickly and how Dan is basically Marc’s boyfriend before they even become boyfriends (because he always has extra reading glasses for Marc and reads books because Marc wants him to and watching pretentious movies with Marc and seriously, SO CUTE!!!). ♥ I also love that all the challenges that they have to overcome is just so realistic and I ached for them and felt with them and had ALL THE FEELINGS and it was amazing! ♥♥♥ Basically everything about this series is A+++ and perfect.

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