[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] itsacoup – Sing Your Praises Remix (Worst Singer In The League)

Title: Sing Your Praises Remix (Worst Singer In The League)
Author: itsacoup
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “The church towers,” Sidney repeats patiently. “On the square just outside, the Tyn Church, with the two big towers.”
There’s a long pause, Geno blinking slowly up at the ceiling, before Geno hesitantly offers, “no?”
“If you look at them, the one on the right is a bit bigger,” Sid says, tracing the tips of his fingers up Geno’s chest and along his collarbone. “They say they’re a married couple, that the bigger tower protects the smaller one. Can I–can you let me be the big tower, for once? I want to take care of you, Geno, will you let me?”


OMG my heart! I love Sid taking care of Geno in this, especially since we don’t typically see that in fic. And then when Sid confesses his feelings to Geno’s back, my heart just clenched with feelings. So good.

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