[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] hapakitsune – the wonders that you see

Title: the wonders that you see
Author: hapakitsune
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Over the years, Mario has become accustomed to Sidney’s many idiosyncrasies, but he has to admit the spontaneous de-aging is a bit unexpected.


This is totally adorable, lolol. I love that Sidney spontaneously de-aging when stressed is just taken no big deal and just as something that Sid does, lol. Five year old Sid is totally the cutest thing. ♥ I also like how Geno was basically avoiding little!Sid because he thinks it’s weird that his boyfriend has spontaneously de-aged because, even though I love reading de-aging fic, I will be the first to admit that taking care of your (current or future) significant other as a kid is totally weird.

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