[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] Lexie – stop, drop, and roll

Title: stop, drop, and roll
Author: Lexie
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Most of the runs we go out on are false alarms or medical calls,” Sidney says. It’s his standard response to anyone asking about the danger, and it’s true — they get a lot of broken fire alarms, heart attacks, and overdoses. In the last five years, Sidney has delivered two babies and been part of the crew that, legendarily within the Toronto Fire Services, freed a guy’s dick from a jacuzzi tube. “People call 911 for a lot of weird stuff.”
“You not fire captain too?” says Geno. “What, too young?” He looks enormously smug, which means he’s chirping.
Sidney enjoys it more than he probably should.

Or: the one where (almost) everyone is a hockey-playing firefighter.


Ughhh, this is so good!!! I knew I would love this from the get-go. ♥♥ I really love how almost everyone is a firefighter in this who just happen to play hockey together. The characterizations were awesome and I really loved Sid’s relationship with his sister and his other teammates/co-workers, and of course with Geno. I really enjoyed how the relationship developed between them and how organic it felt. My heart kinda ached in the middle for Sid when it looked like Geno was pulling away, but I’m glad things eventually worked out between them.

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