[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] cheesewithmy – Untitled Bodyswap Fic

Title: Untitled Bodyswap Fic
Author: cheesewithmy
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: Geno’s alarm is wrong.


OMG, this was great, lolol. ♥ Bodyswap fics are basically the best. I love how they decide to just roll with the bodyswap thing without telling anyone and how Geno knows all of Sid’s game-day routines and how they end up playing the game in each other’s bodies. So cute.

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    • exceptinsects
    • May 13th, 2015

    Do you know what happened to this author? I was in the middle of one of their fics and it looks like they deleted their AO3 account and their tumblr. Or alternatively, do you have a copy of “Work Song”? I just want to know how it turned out!

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      • Remula
      • May 14th, 2015

      I’m not sure what happened with the author, but I have a feeling it might have been bullying related to the dark fic they posted right before they deleted their account. 🙁 Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of Work Song, sorry!

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