[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] Calliotrope – The Scars Give It Away

Title: The Scars Give It All Away
Author: Calliotrope / Xris
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Geno had arrived in Pittsburgh looking every minute of the nineteen hour flight from Helsinki, plus however long he’d been in transit between there and his run from the KHL. Sid had been standing next to Mario, watching the new arrival expectantly, even though he didn’t think Geno was a threat. The other wolf had spent too much time negotiating on his own behalf to be allowed into another pack’s territory, and even more to be allowed to play with the team. But all the same, new wolves made Sidney antsy.


I avoided reading this for a while since I’m not really a fan of werewolf fic (you know, despite the Teen Wolf fic I read?), but I finally got around to it and this was great. I really liked the world-building in this and how rich the ‘verse is. I also loved how Sid worked though his hangups to be with Geno. And also the dynamic between Sid and Geno and Taylor in this was lovely.

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