[Hockey RPF – Kane/Toews] jezziejay – The Reeducation of Misters Kane and Toews

Title: The Reeducation of Misters Kane and Toews
Author: jezziejay
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: In which Kaner sort of has a kid, and Mr. Toews doesn’t know which of them is the bigger brat.
AU featuring teacher!Jon and hockey-player!Kaner. With bonus ‘Hawks characters, love notes, pasta jewelry, Be Better Pizzas, pirouettes, a sprinke of angst and guest appearance by Derek Jeter.


This is so ridiculously charming, lol. I love fics where one person is famous and the other is just a regular person because that is definitely the best thing ever. I really liked teacher!Jon and his interaction with the kids and how he is the catalyst for Patrick becoming a better parent. I also loved the development between Patrick and Jon in this and how they went from not really liking each other to not-so-subtle flirting. Shawsy and Brandon were totally great too. ♥

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