[Hockey RPF – Kane/Toews] svmadelyn – I Got a Love (That Keeps Me Waiting)

Title: I Got a Love (That Keeps Me Waiting)
Author: svmadelyn
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: There’s a lot of different ways this summary could go, like:
Patrick Kane gets more than a gold medal in Sochi.
Or, the classic: It’s too late to pull out now.
Or: Patrick Kane continues to thrive in high pressure situations.
Or: Patrick Kane gets knocked up, goes to White Castle, and finds love, not necessarily in that order.
But, ultimately, all that really matters is this: Patrick Kane is keeping his baby.


OMG ridiculous fic is ridiculous, lol. This is simultaneously the best and the worst thing ever (which obviously means it’s awesome!). I just wanted to smack both Jonny and Patrick basically the whole time for being so stupid because they were seriously the dumbest. So much pining angst could have been avoided if they only talked to each other!!! But then again, 99% of the appeal of this has to be the pining angst, amirite? XP But that didn’t make me any less frustrated with these dorks. Seriously, they were basically shacking it up 90% of the fic, how could they be so dumb about what was happening??? But I digress, this was super good for me. ♥

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