[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] omelet – Icebreaker

Title: Icebreaker
Author: omelet
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Zhenya nudges Gonch with his elbow. “Who is that?” he says in urgent Russian, jabbing his glove at the now retreating zamboni.
“Who?” Gonch follows the line of Zhenya’s gaze, blinks when it lands on the zamboni. “What, the driver? Him?”
Zhenya nods vigorously, his eyes fixed on the zamboni.
Gonch stares at him for a few seconds before answering with hesitation, “That’s…Sidney.”


OMG this is so perfect!!! Pining is totally my favorite, so you know this was my jam. ♥ I love how smitten Geno was at first sight and how he goes around asking everyone about Sid and how he’s basically a creeper (but in an endearing way?). I also love how all his teammates have to suffer though Geno’s crush and how they all withhold information from him until he decides to finally make a move. Basically, this was really good for me. XP

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