[Hockey RPF – Kadri/AKessel] Ferritin4 – Hydrangeas

Title: Hydrangeas
Author: Ferritin4
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Amanda has the coldest eyes that Nazem has ever seen.
It’s been five years, almost, since he first saw her on the ice, and he still can’t look away.
No one else’s sibling comes to the family skate with a plan to organize a scrimmage and kick all their asses; no one else’s sister can stickhandle like that, either. The first time she skates out with a stick in her hand, he watches her pull her hair into a ponytail and tuck it under her helmet and turn into an ice princess, into something like a machine.
It doesn’t occur to him to flirt with her.


OMG MY HEART!! ♥______♥ I don’t even know anything about Nazem and the only thing I know about Amanda is that she’s Phil Kessel’s sister, but I was totally sucked in by the summary, it totally spoke to me. ♥ I love the tone of this and how ridiculously romantic it all is. I love the development between Nazem and Amanda and how enamored his is by her. I love how we can see that Nazem is confident yet not when it comes to Amanda and how he tries because he can’t not. Basically I had a lot of feelings! ♥

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