[Hockey RPF – Martin/Neal] i_claudia – Bring it home

Title: Bring it home
Author: i_claudia
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: James is a firm believer in gracing people with gentle reminders that he is awesome, and that they are missing out on all sorts of action when they desert him to go do other things. This goes doubly when those people are at the Olympics; it’s only right that they should be reminded that they aren’t lucky enough to be sipping sangria by a pool and exchanging appreciative ogles with attractive co-eds.


This was so lovely. I loved Nealer’s voice in this and the development between him and Paulie. I love they were basically flirting the whole time and how James just decides to stay at Paulie’s house after coming back from his vacation. I mean, he basically brought his fish with him and moved in — it was ridiculously adorable in a way. XP I was just charmed throughout.

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