[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] oflights – Bow and Arrow

Title: Bow and Arrow
Author: oflights
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: The one where Sidney gets left at the altar and takes Geno with him on his would-be honeymoon.


OMG MY HEART!!! I just had so many feelings reading this, it was amazing. I really loved the beginning and how ambivalent Geno was about being there for Sid’s wedding. I love how happy Sid was to get married because he’s just so in love. But, of course, that just makes the devastation all the worst when his husband-to-be doesn’t show up. My heart just broke into a million pieces when everyone realized what had happened. And then how everyone doesn’t really know how to react and ughhh, my heart!

When Geno agrees to go to Paris with Sid and my heart ached even more! I’ve never wanted Sid and Geno to not get together as much as I did at this point because the timing was so off and it just broke my heart how Geno was just falling more in love while Sid was still trying to deal with everything. =(

I love that the ending wasn’t a happily ever after because they’re obviously not at that point yet (and would take a long while to get there), but how it’s open to a happy ending in the future. Seriously, this was so good for me, despite (or because of?) all the crying I did throughout the fic.

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