[Hockey RPF – Price/Subban] Ferritin4 – Any Wish You Want

Title: Any Wish You Want
Author: Ferritin4
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: It coalesces somewhere around hour two, and then it’s suddenly, inescapably, achingly obvious. He takes a deep breath and realizes he’s just really, really horny.
What the ever-living hell

Wherein curses are real, pride comes before a fall, and PK and Carey have to cope with a little more magic than anyone expected.


Fuck yes, this was hot! I love how Carey is so determined to keep his curse a secret and how he’s coping with it by jerking off all the time and how PK finally walks in on him and helps out. Also how the fic started off being super hot and became ridiculously sweet by the end. ♥

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