[Hockey RPF – Crosby/Malkin] lupinus – A Fool and His Money

Title: A Fool and His Money
Author: lupinus
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Newly returned from the colonies, Sidney Crosby still has his land and title but is in desperate need of funds. Eager to make a good marriage so as to ensure his sister’s future prospects, Sidney is shocked when his old friend Evgeni Malkin proposes.
Zhenya has been searching for someone just as lovely as Sidney for years so that he might marry and produce heirs. He never expected to find Sidney once again or to have the opportunity to propose. Now that Sidney has agreed to be his husband, Evgeni will have plenty of time to woo Sidney into returning his affections.
Or the very silly marriage of convenience regency au.


OMG all the feelings! This is a combination of two of my favorite things — regency AU and marriage of convenience, so what is there not to love? Poor Sidney worrying so much about providing for his sister — good thing Zhenya was there! I really enjoyed the dynamic between Sidney and Zhenya in this and how smitten Zhenya was from the get-go and how he works on wooing Sid through presents and being his charming self. Basically, this was really good for me. ♥♥

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