[Figure Skating RPF – Evan/Johnny] perculious – Worlds 2011

Title: Worlds 2011
Author: perculious
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: AU where Johnny and Evan both compete another season, and a bunch of stuff that happened after I started writing this didn’t happen. Johnny and Evan swap bodies a few days before 2011 Worlds.

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Kink Meme

I was reading this on the kink meme first and I was like OMG SO GOOD until suddenly there wasn’t any more! Thank goodness for google, lol. I found the author and that it was finished and was able to read it to the end. ♥

So this is basically bodyswap fic and you know how much I love bodyswap. ♥ What I loved about this fic is that there was actually a plot that was advanced because of the bodyswap. Evan and Johnny had to go through so much being in each other’s bodies and having to compete that way (which, not mentioned, but must be extra tough since Johnny doesn’t skate counter-clockwise like most skaters). Anyway, Johnny’s voice in this is just perfect, and so is Evan’s. And then when they switched back right after competing, I just felt SO BAD! Basically this fic is amazing and I kinda wanted it to go on forever, lol. ♥

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[Figure Skating RPF - Evan/Johnny] perculious - Worlds 2011, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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