[Figure Skating RPF – Gen] Anonymous – Underneath

Title: Underneath
Author: Anonymous
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: I want an AU where Johnny is the one who is beloved by the ISU instead of Evan for being all edgy and boundary-crossing, and people just write Evan off because he is totally rote and technical, and Evan sort of hates Johnny for how everything comes so easily to him, how just watching Johnny makes you feel, and Evan is desperately jealous and envying of him. Because Evan has had to work so hard, but he can’t learn grace, can’t learn how to touch people with the way he moves over the ice, or like, at all

Kink Meme

UGHHHH, this is SO GOOD!! Second person POV is always the hardest, but they’re totally amazing when done right and this was definitely done right. I love Evan’s voice in this and how poignant everything was, especially when he was watching Johnny skate. And I love how absolutely heartbreaking this fic is at the same time and how much it aches to work so hard and not get results because that’s just so depressing! And this:

“I am always having fun. Skating is fun. That is why I skate,” you answer, and even saying the words–even thinking about skating, gliding across the ice and holding yourself tight in a perfect spin–even thinking about it makes you happy.

Seriously, it’s like, so many feelings except for how Evan just can’t express it right. =( Basically everything about this is amazing!

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