[X-Men – Erik/Charles] Clocks – Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street

Title: Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street
Author: Clocks
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Charles is a social worker who fosters troubled kids, and one day he meets Erik, an ex-convict, who reluctantly agrees to stay for only a while, but ends up staying for good and helping Charles to raise the kids. Awkward parenting ensues.


Ughhh, feelings, LOL. I think I started reading this a while ago, then then it was WIP and I never came back around to check if it was done until now. I really love Charles’ voice in this and how he decides on becoming a foster parent after getting so depressed at his job. I love how the relationship between him and Erik developed and how they both work so well together taking care of the kids. Basically I was just charmed by the dynamic between them and the kids and it was all just so adorable. ♥

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