[Marvel/The Losers – Cougar/Jensen] haipollai – Never Down and Out

Title: Never Down and Out
Author: haipollai
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: The one time they would get attacked on these stupid publicity trips would be the one time they entirely unprepared for it. Tony hadn’t even managed to get his suit entirely on when their helicopter was blown out of the sky and he had to rely on the repulsor pads in his feet alone to keep from crashing. Hawkeye clinging to his back hadn’t helped matters but they’d all gotten down in one piece.


I really like crossovers, but sometimes (a lot times) they suck. Good thing this didn’t. XP I like the interaction between Tony and Jensen in this and the quiet jealousy that Jensen and Cougar had at the other hanging out with someone else. Oh boys. ♥

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