[Marvel – Gen] hackthis – There is No ‘Me’ Without We

Title: There is No ‘Me’ Without We
Author: hackthis
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Excerpt: The first woman Tony ever loved had lustrous dark brown hair, wide blue eyes and freckles across her nose. She sang ‘Clementine’ to Tony when he couldn’t sleep and read him Green Eggs and Ham when he was sick. She wiped his snotty nose and told him he was the smartest boy who ever lived, and during the summer, Maria Stark would work in her garden and Tony would dig alongside her, gleefully showering her with the worms she said would make her flowers grow bright.
Every boy’s first love should be his mom.

There is No ‘Me’ Without We

This is so lovely. I really like the relationship between Tony and Pepper and what’s said and not said between them. All the interjections with the women he loved totally made my heart clench, especially the end.

And this:

Iron Man is a superhero (kind of). He is infallible (sort of). He’s indestructible (almost). Everything that as a human Tony Stark can never be, Iron Man is. Or he will be. All Tony has to do is focus. Work hard, work smarter, live up to the legacy his father left him. Not the legacy he’s made of alcohol, models and tabloids, but the one about making the world a better place.

Very much describes Tony.

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