[Marvel – Steve/Tony] storm_petrel – The Modern World is Awesome and So Are You

Title: The Modern World is Awesome and So Are You
Author: storm_petrel
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete

For prompt: When Steve wakes up, SHIELD wants him to spend some time talking to therapists and visit some doctors and acclimate him slowly back into the world in the healthiest manner possible. They’re waiting to introduce him to the modern world until they’re certain he’s stable.

Tony thinks it’s taking too long and is boring and he just really wants to show Steve all the cool shit he’s missed out on.

So while wearing his armor, he breaks Steve out and carries him as he flies him around and is basically all I can showww you the world, shining shimmering splendid, etc. Steve is somewhere between terrified and fascinated. Tony eventually returns him, but keeps kidnapping him every couple days or so. They’re both surprised by how much they look forward to these little ‘dates’ each week.

DW | Kink Meme

This is so freakin’ adorable! I love the interaction between Steve and Tony — it’s just to precious! And the ending was totally cute. ♥♥♥

[January 08, 2012]: Updated author (previously Anonymous) and added link to fic at DW.

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