[Marvel – Steve/Bucky] sinuous_curve – In Love and War, Don’t Seek Counsel

Title: In Love and War, Don’t Seek Counsel
Author: sinuous_curve
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Most of being Steve’s — or Captain America’s, really — right hand man entails busting into Hydra weapons factories and blowing them to hell with stolen Hydra weapons, making sure that Cap has room to use his superpowers to the greatest effect while no one on their side gets killed in the process. Bucky used to be afraid every single time he heard the sharp report of gunfire, but since Cap came and pulled him out of a very literal hell, there isn’t much room left in Bucky for something like fear. Dying can’t be worse than what Schmidt’s pet scientist did for kicks. And being a part of a team as special as the one he’s on now keeps him feeling like he’s varnished in heroism. It’s more brilliant explosions and less humping it through sticky mud in the rain.


This is so gorgeous and slightly heartbreaking. I love Bucky’s voice and how he views his relationship with Steve and trying to reconcile the different between “his” Steve and the new one. I love the hints of their relationship from before and how, even though some things are different, the important ones, like what makes Steve who he is, is essentially the same. ♥♥

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[Marvel - Steve/Bucky] sinuous_curve - In Love and War, Don't Seek Counsel, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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