Required Reading: Hikaru no Go

These are my absolute favorites that I consider to be good enough to be required reading, because I know we don’t always have the time to read everything, even if I’m already doing a lot of work filtering through fics for you. XP And if you’ve read all of these and still want more, remember to check out the other HnG fics I’ve rec’d in the HnG section. =)

Last Updated April 21, 2013

[HikaAki] Aja – A Whole New Apocalypse
In which Hikaru freaks out about Touya possibly getting the wrong idea about all the touching, lol.

[AkiHika] mousapelli – Shiriai (The Other Woman Remix)
In which Akari and Akira are kinda besties. ♥

[AkiHika] The Hoyden – One Thing
In which Shindou and Touya advance their relationship by being their competitive selfs.

[Gen] Aishuu – Brightly Burning
AU where Hikaru doesn’t enter the Go world until after Sai leaves. Sadly still a WIP.

[AkiHika] Harukami – The Rumour Mill
In which there are rumors of a relationship between Shindou and Touya.

[AkiHika] Harukami – Playing a Hand
In which Hikaru is obsessed with Touya Akira’s hands and there is ridiculously hot porn with top!Akira. ♥

[AkiHika] Luce Red – Next to NetGo
AU where Hikaru continues to play NetGo instead of becoming an insei.

[Gen] mousapelli – Even a Moron Connects
AU where Akira is being haunted by his father who died before acquiring his first title.

[AkiHika] arboretum – A Resolution of Territory
In which Hikaru attempts to figures out his love life and there is go (and Akira). ♥

[Gen] go_hedgehog – And Someday, You Will Be a Real Boy
In which Sai was real.

[Ogata/Sai] ontogenesis – Desynchronization *NEW*
In which Sai is resurrected with amnesia and Ogata finds him.

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