Kurt/Tina/Blaine Recs

[Glee – Kurt/Tina/Blaine] gsmaxwell – Reeduation

Title: Reeduation
Author: gsmaxwell
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: Tina’s been practicing her kissing skills and she wants to try out a new move on Mike, but she wants it perfect. She needs a boy to practice with, but she doesn’t want to upset Mike (not a lot anyway). She chooses Kurt. He agrees and figures he might learn a few things in the process. He and Tina go back to his house and start making out. Tina gets a little carried away, but Kurt’s kinda making these hot noises and the fact that he sorta sounds like a girl really appeals to Tina’s bi-curious side. So she gets a little…rough. Unbeknownst to either Kurt or Tina, Blaine’s watching the entire time. He came over to surprise Kurt and walked in about the time Tina starting biting Kurt’s lip hard enough to bleed. Blaine’s reaction up to author.


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