[HP – Scorpius/Abus, Rose/Scorpius] Camden – Words That Tear and Strain to Rhyme

Title: Words That Tear and Strain to Rhyme
Author: Camden
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Rose Weasley normally has a way with words. And a way of being stupid, but it’s usually alright.

Words That Tear and Strain to Rhyme

OMG, this fic broke me. =( Rose’s motto and her cute crush on Scorpius and their awesome nerdy friendship. Seriously, in my mind, if it’s not Scorpius/Albus, it’s seriously Scorpius/Rose and I wanted the latter so much! Even though I knew what was gonna happen!

When Scorpius tells Rose — oH GOD! Seriously, my heart was breaking! I SERIOUSLY CRIED! OMG I felt so bad for Rose! And her trying to keep it together and their rhyme game and just everything. ;_;

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