[HP – Harry/Draco] vaysh11 – When the Clocks Stopped

Title: When the Clocks Stopped
Author: vaysh11
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: When the clocks stop the past gets its chance to catch up.

When the Clocks Stopped

This fic is amazing! The plot was so rich and the integration of physics and Arthmancy works so well. I reasoning behind why time stopped was plausable and all implications of changing time was great. I loved the characterizations in the fic and the slightly old-school feel of Harry and Draco. But the thing that got me the most was when Harry and Hermione were talking, and her mistakes of the past is revealed and it’s just so painful and poor Harry, not know the right thing to say.

I loved that Draco was a Time Master in this fic. And Harry going to persuade Draco to join their Order and their instant attraction! I felt kinda sad for Draco when we see Lucius and I can definitely understand Draco’s relunctance to help because it’s his father and he’s getting better and how hard is that to deal with, wanting your father to get better VS the possible end of the world?

I loved the Lucius/Hermione aspect in this. It’s really seeing that hope between them in the end. I felt bad for Harry when they come back, because even though we kind of expect what will happen, it’s still hard knowing that it happened. But the hope in the end was great and worth it and just wonderful.

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