[HP – Draco/Harry] Faith Wood – The Ties That Bind Us

Title: The Ties That Bind Us
Author: Faith Wood
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

The Ties That Bind Us || PDF | AO3 | FFN

O.M.G. Why is this fic AMAZING?! I was seriously laughing pretty much the WHOLE TIME because the situation was just hilarious. ♥

He had no time to run or duck. Ropes coiled around his thigh and pulled him sharply back down to the floor. He watched in amazement, despite the pain in his head and back, as the ropes wrapped themselves around Potter’s waist and neck, pulled him forward, and sent him flying toward Draco.

Draco cried out as Potter landed squarely on top of him, knocking the air out of his lungs and slamming his head against the ground once again.

However, the ropes weren’t done.

The rope around Potter’s neck extended and snatched Draco’s right arm, forcing it across Potter’s back and tying it firmly to Potter’s waist. And to make things worse, his left hand was yanked even lower. Potter choked and gasped, either because the rope around his neck was too tight, or because his left hand was bound firmly against Draco’s thigh, pressing snugly against Draco’s crotch.

The hallway went silent and the ropes went still, but not before squeezing their bodies as tightly together as humanly possible. Draco panted in pain and astonishment, staring up at shocked green eyes a few inches above his face. He could feel Potter’s heart hammering against his chest as Potter’s warm breath tickled his lips. He couldn’t do much but hope desperately that no one — including Potter — noticed that his left hand was forced to cup Harry Potter’s surprisingly firm arse.

They are bound together! SERIOUSLY! I just about DIED when everyone was trying to counter the spell but couldn’t. And when they were trying to get up! GAHHH!

Draco cocked his head and eyed the tight knot. “I bet if I twist just right, I could choke you to death,” he pondered out loud.

“I bet if I squeeze hard enough, I could damage your precious manly equipment,” Potter retorted and pushed his left hand a little higher up.

An undignified squeak escaped Draco’s mouth and, not knowing what else to do, he quickly retaliated by squeezing Potter’s arse savagely. Potter didn’t make a sound, but he shut his eyes tightly, his head falling down in the crook of Draco’s neck. In the next second they separated and gasped in horror, desperately trying to free themselves.

Oh they are so CUTE, hahahaha! XD Seriously, there are so many things I want to quote because it’s all so awesome, but I’ll try to limit myself. XP

I just loved that they’re in dentention and their constant arguing and the ACCIDENTAL KISSING! GAH! And then Draco annoying Harry and “accidently” kissing his neck and deciding to offer himself to Harry as a test subject. And then convincing Harry to accept!

This fic was seriously trying to kill me in the best way possible!

And then there was the sex. GAH! Harry sitting in Draco’s LAP and the blowjob and the spontaneous!rimming (!!!) and then Harry letting Draco top him! OMG SO HOT!

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