[HP – Harry/Draco] Anna Fugazzi – And I’ll Tell You No Lies

Title: And I’ll Tell You No Lies
Author: Anna Fugazzi
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: It all started with a stupid interrogation. Or: Don’t ask a question if you’re not prepared to hear the answer.

And I’ll Tell You No Lies

This story is awesome! I liked how the simulation and all the details were revealed though the interrogation scenes. In the beginning, I kind of thought that Harry really was being interrogated, lol, but then it was revealed to be a training exercise.

It’s funny how Harry basically outted himself to Ron because of a joke question, but it sucks at the same time, since he wasn’t ready to tell. And then later during the double interrogation and how he outted himself then and the news spreading right away… I was so annoyed that Philips couldn’t keep his mouth shut. >O

But yeah, I just like how plot-y this fic was, and also Draco’s reveals to Harry at the end, then also the “fuck it” attitude when they were about to be caught, haha. XP

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