[HP – Draco/Harry] Faith Wood – Taming Harry Potter (Or Think Before You Leap)

Title: Taming Harry Potter (Or Think Before You Leap)
Author: Faith Wood
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Auror Harry Potter acts like a complete slut and Draco intends to find out why.


In the last year or so, Harry had been changing boyfriends like underwear. Not that Harry wore underwear, but that was beside the point. The point was that Draco refused to be just another conquest, thrown away after Harry took what he wanted. Draco intended to seduce and charm Harry slowly, finding out why Harry ran from one relationship to another, and then he would make Harry fall in love with him. And then he would have sex with him. Draco had planned and plotted, and was determined to tame the wild Auror.

This fic is awesome, haha. I love how Harry is so eager to sleep with Draco and how Draco is resisting because he wants to seduce Harry (even though Harry is OBVIOUSLY seduced by Draco’s charm already. XP ).

Then there was Harry being all perv-y in the shower and of course Draco couldn’t resist. XP And then Draco changing his plans…

It was possible that Draco tried to be considerate a little too much, but there was an overabundance of other lovers to best. Maybe if Draco would be spectacular, Harry would decide to keep him around. And Draco could be spectacular if he so wished.

Oh Draco, of course he can be spectacular, haha. And then there was the sex and I kinda had a suspicion and poor Draco being super worried. =(

“Will you break up with me now?” he asked miserably. For some bizarre reason, Harry hadn’t enjoyed this as much as Draco imagined he would. Obviously, he would dump Draco now.

Ohz noz! Slight angst!!! But at least it doesn’t last for too long, haha. And then finding out that Harry’s molesting ways were just for Draco, lol. How sweet. XP

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