[HP – Harry/Draco] i_claudia – Sudden Wholeness

Title: Sudden Wholeness
Author: i_claudia
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: A series of magical murders threatens the future of Wizarding Britain, and the Ministry puts its top two Aurors on the case. Harry’s less than thrilled at the discovery that his new partner is none other than Draco Malfoy, but when the alternative is sitting back and letting his country be destroyed, he doesn’t have much of a choice.

Sudden Wholeness

O.M.G. this fic was awesome! I was sucked in from the beginning and seriously stayed up until 3:00AM reading it.

Poor Harry and his denial throughout the fic, haha. XP The beginning of their case, when they struggle over conversational topics, was awesome. I liked how, even though they are different, they have more in common than they think.

Also, there is this:

Sorry to hear about Richardson,” Harry said finally, the only thing he could think of to break the silence. Malfoy’s partner had been given an involuntary extended leave of absence after very nearly causing the accidental demolition of the Ministry through a combination of exhaustion, plastic spoons, and a spectacular nervous breakdown in the middle of the Atrium.

Nervous breakdowns and plastic spoons! XP

I loved how Harry and Draco get to know each other over the months on the case, living in their tiny apartment. Love Harry learning how Draco likes his tea, and buying Draco’s favorite chocolates when he’s having a bad day, and sitting on Draco’s bed researching and knocking knees (!!!), and Harry’s serious denial while he continues to notice Draco in that way. *heart* So much win!

It was fascinating to watch Malfoy at work, and Harry found himself watching Malfoy more and more; still uneasy about it but unable to help himself. Harry wasn’t used to seeing Malfoy looking less than impeccable, but here, out of view of the rest of the world and engrossed in research, Malfoy ran his fingers through his hair until it stood on end and didn’t bother to dress in anything more complicated than a jumper. He pressed too hard against the parchment with his quill, spattering his hands with ink, and tugged on his nose while he thought, leaving black smears across his face.

I also love nerdy!Draco with his love of potions. The best part of this nerdy-ness has to be when they visit portrait!Snape and Draco and portrait!Snape go full-on nerd mode about potions. *heart* It was TOTALLY AWESOME, haha. (I love nerdy!Draco so much.)

The plot of this fic is great as well. I liked how intricate the case is, and the magic being used by Griswold. When Harry was captured and his magic was drained.. I was a little worried! But then Draco comes to save the day! And then the wards and the anchoring was great, and the end was even better. *LOVE*


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